29 mars 2017
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SECURITE : Niger, au milieu du chaos


À l'ouest, il y a le Mali, sa guerre, ses jihadistes et ses trafiquants ; au nord, c'est la Libye, menacée par l'anarchie ; au sud, Boko Haram et ses attentats meurtriers... Conscientes du danger, les autorités du Niger ont mis le paquet. L'essentiel, en ces temps troublés, c'est la sécurité.

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Le gouvernement nigérien nie toute participation de son armée dans des affrontements avec Boko Haram


« Aucun, je dis bien aucun élément de l'armée nigérienne n'a participé à ces affrontements », c’est  en ces termes  que le ministre nigérien de la Défense, Karidjo Mahamadou a tenu à nier toute implication des Forces armées nigériennes (FAN) dans les affrontements meurtriers qui ont eu lieu la semaine dernière entre l’armée nigériane et les islamistes de la secte Boko Haram.

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Platforms and Open Standards

Joomla! runs on any platform including Windows, most flavours of Linux, several Unix versions, and the Apple OS/X platform. Joomla! depends on PHP and the MySQL database to deliver dynamic content.

The minimum requirements are:

  • Apache 1.x, 2.x and higher
  • PHP 4.3 and higher
  • MySQL 3.23 and higher
It will also run on alternative server platforms such as Windows IIS - provided they support PHP and MySQL - but these require additional configuration in order for the Joomla! core package to be successful installed and operated.

Libye : Abdallah Senoussi se confie


Détenu à Tripoli, l'ancien chef des services de renseignements et beau-frère de Mouammar Kaddafi, Abdallah Senoussi s'est confié à un représentant de Human Rights Watch (HRW). Il n'a pas vu d'avocat mais précise qu'il ne pas subir de mauvais traitements.

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Support and Documentation


Support for the Joomla! CMS can be found on several places. The best place to start would be the Joomla! Official Documentation Wiki. Here you can help yourself to the information that is regularly published and updated as Joomla! develops. There is much more to come too!

Of course you should not forget the Help System of the CMS itself. On the topmenu in the Back-end Control panel you find the Help button which will provide you with lots of explanation on features.

Another great place would of course be the Forum . On the Joomla! Forum you can find help and support from Community members as well as from Joomla! Core members and Working Group members. The forum contains a lot of information, FAQ's, just about anything you are looking for in terms of support.

Two other resources for Support are the Joomla! Developer Site and the Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED). The Joomla! Developer Site provides lots of technical information for the experienced Developer as well as those new to Joomla! and development work in general. The JED whilst not a support site in the strictest sense has many of the Extensions that you will need as you develop your own Web site.

The Joomla! Developers and Bug Squad members are regularly posting their blog reports about several topics such as programming techniques and security issues.


Joomla! Documentation can of course be found on the Joomla! Official Documentation Wiki. You can find information for beginners, installation, upgrade, Frequently Asked Questions, developer topics, and a lot more. The Documentation Team helps oversee the wiki but you are invited to contribute content, as well.

There are also books written about Joomla! You can find a listing of these books in the Joomla! Shop.

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